Change Is Scary

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Written April 2019:

Today I helped my mom pack up what was left of our home on Bark Ridge and left my childhood home in my rear view mirror.

I don’t know why, but moving out of the only home you’ve ever known is a little heartbreaking. This is the first time we have moved since I was just a newborn.

It could be the memories, the circumstances, or a mixture of both that just floods my heart with emotions. I’m happy for a new start, anxious for the new changes, hopeful for a better future, and sad for the situation; maybe I will share that part of the story one day… when I’m ready.

I finally got a moment to sit and reflect on life lately I just couldn’t help but be overly thankful for what’s going on. It dawned on me… I have literally been praying for this for years.

Do you ever catch yourself being so anxious and worried when God is revealing new mercies in your life? Yeah same. But just take a second and think about it. You probably prayed for answers, or changes, or for him to reveal himself through this horrible situation.

That’s been life for me lately. So many changes have left me feeling worried. What’s going to happen when I graduate? What if I’m not happy? I have to stop myself in the midst of those thoughts and remind myself. “Lauren you literally have prayed for years for God to reveal his plan for you. For God to show you what path you should take. For God to fix this ‘horrible’ situation.”


Change is good people. I love change!!! The quote is true; “Nothing comes from staying in your comfort zone.” When things are changing in your life God is working. I think about changes that have happened in the past that scared me to death, and guess what? Those changes brought some of the most amazing memories, friends, relationships and opportunities.

3 years ago I decided to change universities. Some days I think that was the worst decision of my life and other days I could cry happy tears thinking about all the positive opportunities that decision gave me.

I have always said, I don’t regret a single thing I have done in the past. Every decision, relationship, mistake and opportunity has taught me something significant that I will cherish forever.

Friends, embrace the change happening in your life. It could bring you the best opportunity you’ve ever had, the career you’ve been praying for, the person that you’re meant to spend forever with or an un-explainable happiness that can only come from our heavenly father.