The Easiest YES ever!

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To set the stage.. Ethan and I have been dating for 3 1/2 years. About month 2 of our relationship I knew I was going to marry him so you could say this moment was long awaited 🙂

Monday 12/21/20 my best friend Theresa called to ask if I wanted to go get my nails done. This was not out of the ordinary at all. We went together often and so typically needing our nails redone was around the same time. This time I wasn’t quite ready to get mine redone but I was off work so I agreed to go! Plus, she said “This week is Christmas you’ll be taking lots of pictures probably!” Oh duh you’re right… so many pictures of my hands are taken at Christmas!!!! Of course I need them done! LOL. I briefly thought “is she setting me up because I’m getting engaged?” But I dismissed the thought quickly.

Tuesday 12/22/20 I took a trip to Target. About 5 minutes into walking the aisles I get a text message on my phone. I was on the aisle with the canned goods, I’ll never forget it. This text said “View your receipt at Travelers Lantern Market & Cafe” I immediately thought oh my gosh Ethan went in there and got me a Christmas gift how sweet!! Travelers Lantern is a gift shop and restaurant in Trenton, KY very close to Ethan’s farm.

I clicked on the link to take a peak at what he got me for Christmas and my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach immediately.

I saw on my phone a receipt for a party room rental and appetizers.

An engagement party. For me. I just ruined everything. I was literally sick to my stomach.

I immediately facetime Theresa because she’ll know what to say to me. Through the tears I remember telling her “I am sick to my stomach I just screwed up big time.” She was so confused. I said “If you know anything please don’t tell me I don’t want to know but I have to talk to someone right now.” I explained what happened and she was so calm! She said surely he was going to rent the room for one of our family Christmases” I didn’t really buy that. But then she said “and plus I am working Wednesday I don’t think he would do it when I’m working so I can be there” She was so right.

Then it hit me. Ethan told me the week prior that we had a volunteer firefighter appreciation dinner on Wednesday the 23rd.

Theresa assured me that he probably made that transaction for the firefighter dinner. She helped me off the ledge a lot but still I just had this little feeling my instinct was right. Right before we hung up I begged her not to tell Ethan about this. I was so sad that I may have ruined something he was working so hard on.

Later that night I was cooking dinner and Ethan came in to help me. I felt like there was so much tension in the room but also I was just freaking myself out.

Ethan’s phone rang and he answered on speaker phone. It was the fire chief, he said “Hey man thanks for going up there and paying for that today. I’ll get you a check soon.” They hung up and I thought to myself well…. maybe it really was for the dinner. But STILL there was something telling me that was a cover up and I still thought maybe I was getting engaged tomorrow?

Wednesday 12/23/20 I was off work again. All day long I sat at home running the past 2 days over and over in my head and trying to get my mind on something else. Ethan comes home early from work and we sit and watch TV in the silence hahaha. He told me we needed to leave around 6:15 for the dinner so I started getting ready about 5.

I knew if anyone would be at this engagement it would be my mom and my best friend Theresa so I kept checking their locations all day on find my friends 🙂 I know I am horrible…. My mom was at home and Theresa was at home sleeping because she had to work that night.

About 5:30 I get a facetime from Theresa. She’s in her scrubs to go to work and she’s showing me their families set up for Christmas dinner. At that point I knew she really was going to work and I came to terms with the fact that I was not getting engaged I needed to calm down and get over it.

We left for dinner and on the way I could tell Ethan was nervous. We pull up on the side to park. We get out of the car and walk around the corner. Ethan grabs my hand and stops me and says “Well I think you probably figured it out by now.”


I was so shocked and so happy and I couldn’t get anything out other than “OH MY GOSH”. He gets down on one knee, asks me to marry him, and the lights inside of the restaurant come on and there stands all of our family cheering and clapping and waiting to celebrate with us.

As soon as we get done hugging the photographer comes out from behind a vehicle and I just can’t quit crying. We take some pictures and walk inside greeted by our parents. So many hugs and tears! We celebrated all night with our families and yummy appetizers.

After we finally got home and the excitement settled a little we realized we barely ate. So we ended the best day ever with taco bell at 11pm!!

Of course getting my nails done Monday was all a set up, of course Theresa called Ethan immediately and they thought of a plan to cover up the receipt I found, by having the fire chief call. Of course Theresa’s facetime before work was to help ease my nerves and of course my moms location had been turned off so I couldn’t see she was in Trenton! 🙂

Although I had some suspicions I was so surprised and it was truly the best day of my life thus far. The amount of thought and detail that went into making that night perfect means so much to me.

We can’t wait to be MR. AND MRS. ETHAN CHESTER!!!