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My name is Lauren Campbell. I am a senior at Murray State University, in Murray, KY, studying Public Relations and Journalism. I graduate May 11, 2019, not that anyone’s counting or anything 🙂

I’m originally from Hopkinsville, KY, which is where I still call home & love to visit often! A few more things I love; Jesus, animals, good food and traveling. AND I have a kitty cat names Pickles that I love a lot!

I started this page for a place to share all things beauty, fashion, good food and Jesus! I really hope you find something you love and can relate to and most importantly THANK YOU for supporting me!

Here goes nothing.

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I am pretty much in shock sitting in bed while writing this. If you know me, you know I have followed several bloggers/influencers for several years and that has grown into a dream of becoming one myself. At the beginning of 2018 I actually bought a website and began to create this dream, but none other than satan got a hold of my mind and I talked myself out of it, and got “too busy.” Well NOT TODAY SATAN because this girl is finally chasing her dream and I’m determined to make it come true.

First off, thank you from the bottom of my heart for even clicking on this link & taking your sweet precious time to give my page a visit. I already feel like God has shown me this dream is possible and it is through people like you giving me feedback and support and encouragement. Here’s just a few things you can expect if you want to follow along on this journey with me.

  1. First and foremost it’s my prayer that I glorify God through every single thing I do and this is no exception. I will definitely be using this as a tool in my spiritual journey and I hope we can both learn from each other. I’m not perfect let me tell ya but I sure do try.
  2. BEAUTY! – I have always loved makeup and within the past 3 years, realized I was decent at it so I do have a side gig doing makeup for special events!! I can’t wait to share all things beauty. Hair, makeup.. you name, it we’re gonna talk about it all. I’m imagining tutorials, product reviews, what I’m loving, what I don’t love. Things of that nature.
  3. Fashion, sorta. – Let me get something straight here… I am not always that great in this departement, but I do love to shop and occasionally I will feel really good about an outfit and have to share. What I’m really good at…. finding things on the sale rack, that’s my favorite place to shop. I love sharing a good sale!
  4. & Life – I don’t have the most glamorous life but for the most part I am an open book. One of the things I’m most excited about throughout this process is just being able to share life & all of its up’s and down’s with you all. I want to be transparent and I want people to learn from me that it’s okay not never have it all together.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for following along. I am so pumped about starting this chapter in my life. I’m not the most expert website designer, but take a look around and I hope you find something you enjoy.

XOXO, Lauren