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To set the stage.. Ethan and I have been dating for 3 1/2 years. About month 2 of our relationship I knew I was going to marry him so you could say this moment was long awaited 🙂

Monday 12/21/20 my best friend Theresa called to ask if I wanted to go get my nails done. This was not out of the ordinary at all. We went together often and so typically needing our nails redone was around the same time. This time I wasn’t quite ready to get mine redone but I was off work so I agreed to go! Plus, she said “This week is Christmas you’ll be taking lots of pictures probably!” Oh duh you’re right… so many pictures of my hands are taken at Christmas!!!! Of course I need them done! LOL. I briefly thought “is she setting me up because I’m getting engaged?” But I dismissed the thought quickly.

Tuesday 12/22/20 I took a trip to Target. About 5 minutes into walking the aisles I get a text message on my phone. I was on the aisle with the canned goods, I’ll never forget it. This text said “View your receipt at Travelers Lantern Market & Cafe” I immediately thought oh my gosh Ethan went in there and got me a Christmas gift how sweet!! Travelers Lantern is a gift shop and restaurant in Trenton, KY very close to Ethan’s farm.

I clicked on the link to take a peak at what he got me for Christmas and my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach immediately.

I saw on my phone a receipt for a party room rental and appetizers.

An engagement party. For me. I just ruined everything. I was literally sick to my stomach.

I immediately facetime Theresa because she’ll know what to say to me. Through the tears I remember telling her “I am sick to my stomach I just screwed up big time.” She was so confused. I said “If you know anything please don’t tell me I don’t want to know but I have to talk to someone right now.” I explained what happened and she was so calm! She said surely he was going to rent the room for one of our family Christmases” I didn’t really buy that. But then she said “and plus I am working Wednesday I don’t think he would do it when I’m working so I can be there” She was so right.

Then it hit me. Ethan told me the week prior that we had a volunteer firefighter appreciation dinner on Wednesday the 23rd.

Theresa assured me that he probably made that transaction for the firefighter dinner. She helped me off the ledge a lot but still I just had this little feeling my instinct was right. Right before we hung up I begged her not to tell Ethan about this. I was so sad that I may have ruined something he was working so hard on.

Later that night I was cooking dinner and Ethan came in to help me. I felt like there was so much tension in the room but also I was just freaking myself out.

Ethan’s phone rang and he answered on speaker phone. It was the fire chief, he said “Hey man thanks for going up there and paying for that today. I’ll get you a check soon.” They hung up and I thought to myself well…. maybe it really was for the dinner. But STILL there was something telling me that was a cover up and I still thought maybe I was getting engaged tomorrow?

Wednesday 12/23/20 I was off work again. All day long I sat at home running the past 2 days over and over in my head and trying to get my mind on something else. Ethan comes home early from work and we sit and watch TV in the silence hahaha. He told me we needed to leave around 6:15 for the dinner so I started getting ready about 5.

I knew if anyone would be at this engagement it would be my mom and my best friend Theresa so I kept checking their locations all day on find my friends 🙂 I know I am horrible…. My mom was at home and Theresa was at home sleeping because she had to work that night.

About 5:30 I get a facetime from Theresa. She’s in her scrubs to go to work and she’s showing me their families set up for Christmas dinner. At that point I knew she really was going to work and I came to terms with the fact that I was not getting engaged I needed to calm down and get over it.

We left for dinner and on the way I could tell Ethan was nervous. We pull up on the side to park. We get out of the car and walk around the corner. Ethan grabs my hand and stops me and says “Well I think you probably figured it out by now.”


I was so shocked and so happy and I couldn’t get anything out other than “OH MY GOSH”. He gets down on one knee, asks me to marry him, and the lights inside of the restaurant come on and there stands all of our family cheering and clapping and waiting to celebrate with us.

As soon as we get done hugging the photographer comes out from behind a vehicle and I just can’t quit crying. We take some pictures and walk inside greeted by our parents. So many hugs and tears! We celebrated all night with our families and yummy appetizers.

After we finally got home and the excitement settled a little we realized we barely ate. So we ended the best day ever with taco bell at 11pm!!

Of course getting my nails done Monday was all a set up, of course Theresa called Ethan immediately and they thought of a plan to cover up the receipt I found, by having the fire chief call. Of course Theresa’s facetime before work was to help ease my nerves and of course my moms location had been turned off so I couldn’t see she was in Trenton! 🙂

Although I had some suspicions I was so surprised and it was truly the best day of my life thus far. The amount of thought and detail that went into making that night perfect means so much to me.

We can’t wait to be MR. AND MRS. ETHAN CHESTER!!!

Makeup Favs – quick & easy routine


I am always on the look out for products that help me achieve a really quick but “put together” look. Attached are my favorites at the moment!! You can see me use all of these on my IGTV here!


Worth every single penny! HOLY GRAIL


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Change Is Scary

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Written April 2019:

Today I helped my mom pack up what was left of our home on Bark Ridge and left my childhood home in my rear view mirror.

I don’t know why, but moving out of the only home you’ve ever known is a little heartbreaking. This is the first time we have moved since I was just a newborn.

It could be the memories, the circumstances, or a mixture of both that just floods my heart with emotions. I’m happy for a new start, anxious for the new changes, hopeful for a better future, and sad for the situation; maybe I will share that part of the story one day… when I’m ready.

I finally got a moment to sit and reflect on life lately I just couldn’t help but be overly thankful for what’s going on. It dawned on me… I have literally been praying for this for years.

Do you ever catch yourself being so anxious and worried when God is revealing new mercies in your life? Yeah same. But just take a second and think about it. You probably prayed for answers, or changes, or for him to reveal himself through this horrible situation.

That’s been life for me lately. So many changes have left me feeling worried. What’s going to happen when I graduate? What if I’m not happy? I have to stop myself in the midst of those thoughts and remind myself. “Lauren you literally have prayed for years for God to reveal his plan for you. For God to show you what path you should take. For God to fix this ‘horrible’ situation.”


Change is good people. I love change!!! The quote is true; “Nothing comes from staying in your comfort zone.” When things are changing in your life God is working. I think about changes that have happened in the past that scared me to death, and guess what? Those changes brought some of the most amazing memories, friends, relationships and opportunities.

3 years ago I decided to change universities. Some days I think that was the worst decision of my life and other days I could cry happy tears thinking about all the positive opportunities that decision gave me.

I have always said, I don’t regret a single thing I have done in the past. Every decision, relationship, mistake and opportunity has taught me something significant that I will cherish forever.

Friends, embrace the change happening in your life. It could bring you the best opportunity you’ve ever had, the career you’ve been praying for, the person that you’re meant to spend forever with or an un-explainable happiness that can only come from our heavenly father.

Flying By The Seat of my Pants

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Life Update!

If you aren’t aware, I graduate from college in 5 weeks. I enter into the real world and start a big girl job. Or at least that’s what is supposed to happen. The problem is, a big girl job is a lot harder to find than I ever imagined.

For the past 3 months so many questions have taken over my mind. Why hasn’t anyone emailed me back? Why haven’t I gotten an interview? What is wrong with my resume? Is all of my hard work for the past 4 years even going to pay off? Where am I going to move to? Should I move back home? I think I ask myself at least 2 of these questions every single day.

About a month ago I applied for a Flight Attendant position with American Airlines. Just like every job I’ve applied to, I submit the application thinking well this is cool but no way they’ll ever contact me back. What do ya know – they emailed me back within a week to submit a video interview. I completed that on Saturday, March 16th and went on vacation and forgot about it. Once again thinking, they won’t email me back.

Tuesday, March 26th: Sitting at my desk at work I get an email “Congratulations on passing your video assessment! As part of your Trainee Flight Attendant application, we are inviting you for a Face-To-Face Interview at American Airlines Training and Conference Center in Fort Worth, Texas.”


I immediately call Ethan (Thank you God for this man) and begin to freak out. I’m nervous, anxious, scared and unsure. He convinces me to just go for it. He assures me I have nothing to lose, it would be a great opportunity and well it is honestly my dream job…

I complete the form and in 2 days I’m scheduled to fly to Dallas at 5:30 am, interview at 10 am and fly back home that night.

Running on 2 hours of sleep

Wednesday, April 3rd: I wake up at 1:30 am, get ready, and drive to the airport to check in by 4 am. Sitting at the gate I wasn’t really nervous, I was just still in shock. I’m feeling really lucky that this is actually happening and just not sure what to expect. I sit there and pray that this process would be smooth and God would clearly reveal if this was the right job for me.

We take off from Nashville around 6 am and we arrive in Dallas at 8 am.

After walking to the wrong pick-up location, twice, and getting on the wrong American Airlines shuttle, I finally find the correct location and get on a shuttle to head to the Training and Conference Center.

There’s about 25 interviewees in the same boat as I am. We meet in the lobby, introduce ourselves, and around 9:30 a recruiter comes to get us and leads us to our meeting room.

Throughout the day we completed a group exercise, a group interview and listened to a presentation about the company.

Everything was going great, I felt so good about the interview (I love interviews so much, I know, I’m weird) But.. about halfway through the presentation I begin to have doubts, and I notice some red flags. If I get this job am I going to be happy, am I going to make enough money to support myself, am I going to have to move away from my family??

The presentation is over and we’re notified that we will be taken out one-by-one, to walk with a recruiter to our shuttle and back to the airport.

Much time passes and finally my name is called. I meet with a manager and by the end of the conversation he hands me a paper and says, “Congrats I’m offering you the job, here you go, sign this paper and we’ll be seeing you at training in May.”


Still feeling unsure, and SO overwhelmed. I ask more questions and eventually sign this contingent contract to attend their 6 week training.

He leads me out of the room and I go through a series of tests, a drug screen, photos, paperwork and fingerprint scans. About an hour later I’m finished and get walked out of the building to head back to the airport.

I’m on cloud 9, so excited, but still there’s something in my head telling me it may not be right for me. Again, I pray that God will reveal to me if this is the right job for me.

I get back home around 8 that night and immediately go to Ethan’s so we can hash this out. He is the most grounded, sound, and realistic person and I value his advice and opinion more than anyone’s.

Long story short – there are more con’s than pro’s for me and I just don’t know that this is the perfect fit for me and my future. I haven’t made a final decision but I do know that God has a plan for me and my future!!!! I will remain prayerful and hopeful that he will soon reveal the path I should take.

I am sharing this story to say, God’s timing is so much better than mine and I am slowly learning to accept that fact and truly, 100% trust his plan.

Friends, I’m speaking from experience, do not let fear and worry and doubt get the best of you. For the past 3 months I’ve had a mental breakdown, gotten discouraged, and questioned my plans and dreams. It is not worth it. Give God your worries and fears. He went to the cross for just that, to bear our burdens.

Through this season of life I’m holding on to this verse and I hope it will bring you some peace too –

1 Peter 5:6-7 Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.

XOXO, Lauren

2 Ingredient Pizza Dough


The easiest pizza you’ll ever make and you can eat the whole thing without feeling guilty 🙂

If you know me you know my favorite food in the entire world is PIZZA. I could eat it every day for the rest of my life if I had to. In light of having to be on stage in a bathing suit in 2 weeks…. I had to quit my habit of eating a large pizza by myself once a week.

Sad day. See you soon large Dominos thin crust with banana peppers and olives.

SO without having to give it up completely, I found an awesome hack. This is a “weight watchers” recipe and although I’m not doing weight watchers it definitely goes along with my low carb diet I’m trying to follow. This is not an original recipe of mine, just something I found online I thought I should share 🙂

ALSO from the pizza connoisseur herself…. this is no dominos pizza but let me tell ya it’ll do for the next 2 weeks! This dough gets crispy on the outside and remains a bit doughy on the inside. I hope you enjoy it!!!


1 cup of self rising flour

1 cup non-fat plain greek yogurt


Pizza Sauce (I use “Mezzetta Homemade Marinara” the healthiest I could find at Walmart aka made from all natural ingredients I could pronounce)

Shredded Mozzarella (go for the low-moisture, part-skim if you wanna keep it healthy)

ANY other topping you like on a pizza! My personal favs are spinach, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, roma tomatoes and chicken sausage!

These links are from Aldi, although you can use any chicken sausage!


Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

In a large bowl combine your cup of flour and yogurt. You will have to get dirty with this part, use your hands and knead the dough until it has all combined evenly.

On a flat surface (ex. cutting board) cover with flour and transfer your dough. Cover your rolling pin with flour and dust the top of the dough with flour so they won’t stick together. Roll the dough until its the width/length you desire. I just try and match the size of my baking sheet best I can.

Once your dough is rolled, transfer it to the pan you will be cooking it on. Cover your dough in the pizza sauce and any other topping you’re using. Personally, I like to add the spinach next, a little cheese to hold the spinach in place and then the remainder of my toppings.

Once your pizza is dressed, pop that baby in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes I check it and just be your own judge if it needs to stay longer.

Personally, I like all my things extra crispy so I turn the broiler on for the last 2 minutes to get it nice and crisp!


The finished product!

About Me

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My name is Lauren Campbell. I am a senior at Murray State University, in Murray, KY, studying Public Relations and Journalism. I graduate May 11, 2019, not that anyone’s counting or anything 🙂

I’m originally from Hopkinsville, KY, which is where I still call home & love to visit often! A few more things I love; Jesus, animals, good food and traveling. AND I have a kitty cat names Pickles that I love a lot!

I started this page for a place to share all things beauty, fashion, good food and Jesus! I really hope you find something you love and can relate to and most importantly THANK YOU for supporting me!

Here goes nothing.

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I am pretty much in shock sitting in bed while writing this. If you know me, you know I have followed several bloggers/influencers for several years and that has grown into a dream of becoming one myself. At the beginning of 2018 I actually bought a website and began to create this dream, but none other than satan got a hold of my mind and I talked myself out of it, and got “too busy.” Well NOT TODAY SATAN because this girl is finally chasing her dream and I’m determined to make it come true.

First off, thank you from the bottom of my heart for even clicking on this link & taking your sweet precious time to give my page a visit. I already feel like God has shown me this dream is possible and it is through people like you giving me feedback and support and encouragement. Here’s just a few things you can expect if you want to follow along on this journey with me.

  1. First and foremost it’s my prayer that I glorify God through every single thing I do and this is no exception. I will definitely be using this as a tool in my spiritual journey and I hope we can both learn from each other. I’m not perfect let me tell ya but I sure do try.
  2. BEAUTY! – I have always loved makeup and within the past 3 years, realized I was decent at it so I do have a side gig doing makeup for special events!! I can’t wait to share all things beauty. Hair, makeup.. you name, it we’re gonna talk about it all. I’m imagining tutorials, product reviews, what I’m loving, what I don’t love. Things of that nature.
  3. Fashion, sorta. – Let me get something straight here… I am not always that great in this departement, but I do love to shop and occasionally I will feel really good about an outfit and have to share. What I’m really good at…. finding things on the sale rack, that’s my favorite place to shop. I love sharing a good sale!
  4. & Life – I don’t have the most glamorous life but for the most part I am an open book. One of the things I’m most excited about throughout this process is just being able to share life & all of its up’s and down’s with you all. I want to be transparent and I want people to learn from me that it’s okay not never have it all together.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for following along. I am so pumped about starting this chapter in my life. I’m not the most expert website designer, but take a look around and I hope you find something you enjoy.

XOXO, Lauren

Mississippi Pot Roast


As my mom said, “This is the best roast I have had in my entire life.”

This is just a little twist on your traditional pot roast, but man is it good and so easy!

1 roast (4-5 pounds. I use 3ish pounds because my crockpot is small)

1 package of ranch dressing mix

1 package of Au Jus mix

1 stick of butter

8-10 Pepperoncinis

Place the roast in the bottom of your crock pot. Sprinkle both packages of dry mix over the roast. Place the stick of butter on the roast & add your pepperoncinis all around. Cook on high for 7-8 hours!